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emotions and desires affect the body and psyche by     Biomedical model: A conceptual model of illness that
        creating chronic muscular tension and diminished vitality   excludes psychological and social factors and includes only
        and energy. Through physical exercises, breathing      biological factors in an attempt to understand a person’s
        techniques, verbal psychotherapy, or other forms of    medical illness or disorder. The simplistic biomedical
        emotional-release work, the therapist attempts to loosen the   approach of medicine generally looks for single, very
        “character armor” and restore natural well-being.      specific causes for diseases, with correspondingly specific
                                                               treatments, such as antibiotics for infections that are
        Biofeedback: A technique that uses simple electronic   expected to be effective for that illness in most people,
        devices to teach clients how to consciously regulate bodily   under most conditions. Further, the biomedical model
        functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure,   assumes that all disease is caused by structural anatomic or
        to improve overall health. Biofeedback is used to reduce   biochemical abnormality.
        stress, eliminate headaches, recondition injured muscles,
        control asthma attacks, and relieve pain.              Bio-oxidation: Sometimes known as hydrogen peroxide
                                                               therapy, is the addition of oxygen directly to the tissues of
        Bioidentical hormones: The use of hormones that are    the body in the form of hydrogen peroxide or ozone.
        identical in molecular structure to those created by the
        human body, and so cause the same effects, but which are   Biopsychosocial model: The complex biopsychosocial
        produced by pharmaceutical companies or compounding    model is concerned with illness, the subjective sense
        pharmacies, where they are made on a case-by-case      of suffering or reduced capacity to function. The
        basis for each patient. Bioidentical hormones are most   biopsychosocial model is a much more complex systems
        often used for women experiencing the symptoms of      theory approach to health, illness and healing. It does not
        menopause, including hot flashes and sleeplessness, or   look for single, specific causes for illness, but sees health,
        for child-bearing-aged men and women for PMS, acne,    illness and healing as resulting from the interacting effects
        mood imbalances, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, and   of events of very different types, including biological,
        fatigue. Also known as natural hormone therapy, due to the   psychological, and social factors. All of these are seen as
        fact that the hormones act in the body just as the ones our   systems that affect and interact with one another to affect
        body produces, and are oftentimes produced from plant   personal health.
                                                               Bio-resonance therapy: Makes use of a Bio-resonance
        Bio-dynamic: The therapist works over the body and     Machine, which first tests a patient for the presence of
        locates areas of blocked or depleted energy, by applying her  bacteria, candida, fungus, heavy metals, pesticides and
        hands to the client’s body, and then corrects the imbalance.  other pollutants, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and
                                                               then neutralizes any of these stressors.
        Bio-kinetics: The acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic
        technique of adjusting the space between the atlas and the   Biosynchronous: In accordance with the body’s circadian
        skull in order to relieve any of a number of ailments by   rhythm.
        correcting subluxations and restructuring the spine.
                                                               Bitter: Stimulates appetite or digestive function.
        Biological terrain assessment: Involves the monitoring
        of saliva, urine, and blood to provide data about the acidity   Blood irradiation therapy: is a procedure in which the
        and alkalinity of body fluids and tissues, the level of   blood is exposed to low level red light (often laser light)
        functioning enzymes, oxidative stress level, and digestive   for therapeutic reasons. Most research on blood irradiation
        and mineral status.  The goal is to accurately determine   therapy has been conducted in Germany, Russia and China,
        how the body is functioning, and then re-establish health by   while smaller-scale research has been performed in other
        making changes at a biochemical level.                 countries such as Britain. Blood irradiation therapy can be
                                                               administered through a catheter in a vein, through the blood
        Bio-magnetic and micro frequencies: According to some   vessels inside the nose or applied externally through the
        people, have the ability to destroy abnormal cells and   skin.
        harmful organisms, depending on the frequencies.
                                                               Blood-oxygen therapy: See Hematogenous oxidation
        Biomechanics: a division of physics that analyzes      therapy.
        biological systems and structure through the study of
        mechanics.                                             Bodywork: The term bodywork refers to therapies such as
                                                               massage, deep tissue manipulation, movement awareness,

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