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Ai Chi: Is a form of aquatic exercise used for recreation,   medical qualification. In natural health contexts, therapy
        relaxation, fitness, and physical rehabilitation. Clinical Ai   is the preferred term for self-care whereas treatment
        Chi is distinguished as a specialized active form of aquatic   or medicine is the preferred term for professional care
        therapy. In essence, Ai Chi uses breathing techniques   administered by another person. Alternative therapies is,
        and progressive resistance training in water to relax and   thus, the preferred term for self-care alternative healing
        strengthen the body, based on elements of qigong and Tai   methods and covers therapies like aromathreapy, herbal
        chi chuan.                                             medicines, visualization, meditation, and yoga.

        Aikido: A Japanese martial art developed in the first half   Amma therapy: Is a form of massage that combines
        of the 20th century. A combination of the martial and the   Oriental medical principles concerning the balance and
        religious and political ideologies of the founder, Morihei   flow of energy with a Western approach to the healing of
        Ueshiba, it is founded on a combination of jiu jitsu styles.   organ dysfunction.  The technique involves stretching,
        Philosophically, it teaches that all people should be united   kneading, stroking, and percussion. Amma is an extremely
        in a “heaven on earth”. In addition to the full body workout   specialized form of massage therapy rooted in a philosophy
        and discipline that you will receive in practising Aikido, the  based on Taoism dating back about 5000 years to the period
        wrist stretches that are used in the warm up are excellent   of the legendary Yellow Emperor of China.
        for preventing repetitive strain injury. Types of injuries
        include: tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow,   Anabolic: Constructive metabolism; the synthesis in living
        trigger finger, and cubital tunnel syndrome.           organisms of more complex substances from simpler ones
                                                               (opposed to catabolism).
        Alexander technique: Is a method that works to change
        (movement) habits in our everyday activities. It is a simple   Anabolism: The constructive phase of metabolism, in
        and practical method for improving ease and freedom    which the body cells synthesize protoplasm for growth and
        of movement, balance, support and coordination. The    repair; the opposite of catabolism. The manner in which
        technique teaches the use of the appropriate amount of   this synthesis takes place is directed by the genetic code
        effort for a particular activity, giving you more energy   carried by the molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
        for all your activities. It is not a series of treatments or   The “building blocks” for this synthesis of protoplasm are
        exercises, but rather a re-education of the mind and body.   obtained from amino acids and other nutritive elements in
        This therapeutic technique aims to improve health and   the diet.
        reduce pain.
                                                               Analeptic: Restorative or stimulating effect on central
        Allopathic: A term used to describe the dominant medical   nervous system.
        philosophy of conventional medicine. Dorland’s Medical
        Dictionary defines allopathy as “a system of therapeutics   Analgesic: Relieve pain.
        in which diseases are treated by producing a condition   Anaphrodisiac: Reduces capacity for sexual arousal.
        incompatible with or antagonistic to the condition to be
        cured or alleviated.” The term can also be used to describe   Anesthetic: Induces loss of sensation or consciousness due
        any type of treatment that is used with the intention of   to the depression of nerve function.
        treating or controlling symptoms. This is also sometimes
        call “mechanistic” medicine.                           Animal-assisted therapy (AAT): Animal-assisted and
                                                               pet therapy are types of therapy that use animals trained
        Alterative: Gradually restore the proper function of   to provide affection and comfort to people in a variety of
        the body and increase health and vitality (from Latin   places including hospitals, retirement or nursing homes,
        alterativum).                                          mental health facilities and schools.

        Alternative medicine: Any treatments or medicines      Anorectic: An anorectic or anorexic, also known as
        that fall outside the realm of “conventional” or Western   anorexigenic, anorexiant, or appetite suppressant, is a
        medicine. Forms of alternative medicine include        dietary supplement and/or drug which reduces appetite,
        acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, energy therapies,   resulting in lower food consumption, leading to weight
        herbal medicine, homeopathy, magnetic field therapy,   loss.
        naturopathic medicine, and reiki.
                                                               Anthelmintic: Also called antithelmintics, are a group
        Alternative therapy: A term given to nonconventional   of anti-parasitic drugs that expel parasitic worms
        therapy usually given by persons who do not have a     (helminths) and other internal parasites from the body

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