For increased efficiency, we prefer to send your order out by courier.

For Patients:
At Your Healthcare Provider’s Office
You may purchase AlphaScienceLabs’ products at your regular visits to your Healthcare Practitioner. Some products may be available at the time of your visit, while others may require a special order and be ready to pick up in a few days. You Healthcare Practitioner will advise you on this.

Online at www.AlphascienceLabs.com with Patient Code.
Many participating Practitioners offer patient ordering online on AlphaScienceLabs.com. Products will be shipped directly to your address. Ask your healthcare practitioner for an AlphaScienceLabs Patient Code. With an AlphaScienceLabs Patient Code, simply create a new account with the provided Patient Code and you will gain access to purchase products online at www.AlphaScienceLabs.com.

For Healthcare Practitioners:
Simply log in to your existing account at www.AlphaScienceLabs.com or create a new account and you can place your order for AlphaScienceLabs’ products. The order will be shipped to you at your business address.

We strongly prefer that you use the internet online store to place your order for quicker service and efficiency

Can I get my order delivered at an appointed time or can you call before delivery?
Orders cannot be delivered at specified appointment times nor can delivery phone calls be made. Due to the quantity of packages and the couriers’ delivery schedules delivery by appointment is not possible.

You may contact us by send us an email using the Contact page on this website.

We mostly sell to  Canada but we can arrange to ship orders to International destinations. You just need to contact us by email using the Contact page and we can give you a quote on your order. You may contact us by email using the Contact page.