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Improve Digestion with

                     Better Colon Health

                                       by Dr. Gordon Chang, PhD

         In our modern 21st century lifestyle we have the misfortune
         to be exposed to many toxins on a daily basis through our
         environment, from overexposure to toxic chemicals at
         home and at work, and even contained in foods, consumer
         electronics, cosmetics, many synthetic fabrics, new carpeting,
         and your new car. Environmental toxins seem to be a
         prevalent by-product of the frantic lifestyles our technology
         and economy have forced us to live.

         Toxins can enter the human body via a number of convenient
         pathways; through the lungs when we breathe, through
         the skin by contact, or through the GI tract from the food
         and drink we consume. The toxins are then metabolically
         processed by the three major organs of detoxification; the
         liver, the lungs and the kidneys so that they can be excreted
         from the body with other waste material. That is IF the toxins
         do not become stored in the cells of the body through toxic   lead the individual’s health into a downward spiral resulting
                                                               in many chronic diseases. To minimize the amount of toxins
                                                               absorbed from intestinal sources it is also important that
         Colon Cleanse                                         individuals do a periodic parasite cleanse. (Alpha Science
         The colon is home to a variety of intestinal bacteria, and very   Laboratories manufactures a product called ParaCide  which
         often, small colonies of parasites. Parasites such as intestinal   provides a gentle but very effective parasite cleanse.)
         worms (pinworms, tape worms), amoeba, etc., can invade
         our body from many sources. These sources include raw   After a parasite cleanse the colon should also be cleansed
         uncooked foods such as vegetables, fruits, or sushi. They can   on a fairly frequent basis in order to more fully clean out
         also be introduced into our bodies from pets, flies and other   toxins and any trapped fecal matter. The frequency of colon
         common insect pests.
                                                               cleansing depends on the diet of the individual. If one’s diet is
                                                               high in fibre and stools are fairly large, one could do a colon
         Parasites and intestinal bacteria produce toxins as their waste   cleanse every 6 months. If one’s diet is low in fibre and stools
         products, which can then be absorbed into the body. Under   are small then a colon cleanse every 3-4 months is sufficient.
         normal circumstances a healthy individual can tolerate the
         toxins produced by bacteria and a few parasites. However   When doing a colon cleanse use a product that is high in fibre
         if the body’s toxin elimination systems are overloaded and   and avoid taking products that have laxative herbs. Laxative
         there are a large number of parasites, this extra toxin load can
                                                               herbs contain chemical compounds that chemically stimulate
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